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Specialized Research

Specialized Research:

At TechnovateResearch.com, we have a large team of professional researchers and writers able to provide you with a range of research methods for a wide variety of purposes. Our qualified team of PhD and Masters degree holders and field specialists can provide you with reports built upon data gained through:

- Value Chain Analysis
- The DuPont System
- PEST and PESTLE Analysis
- SWOT Analysis
- TOWS Analysis
- The BCG Matrix
- SPACE Matrix
- Import/Export Market Analysis
- Competitor Profile Matrix
- Marketing Audits
- Regression and Statistical Analysis

We also offer Comprehensive Editing Services, Business Writing Services, and Ghost Writing for reports, manuscripts, memoirs, articles, books, and more!

SWOT Analysis:

At TechnovateResearch.com, we provide detailed analysis of the internal and external environment of a project you are working on or of your business itself. The SWOT Analysis process investigates the Strengths and Weaknesses within your company as well as the Opportunities and Threats affecting you from the outside. This process is invaluable to the success of your venture and allows you to plan strategically to maximize growth and minimize risk.

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TOWS Analysis:

Have you already completed a SWOT analysis? Are you concerned about the Weaknesses and Threats impacting your company? TechnovateResearch.com can help! An extension of the SWOT analysis, TOWS allows you to turn your Weaknesses and Threats into Strengths and Opportunities making your business stronger and more successful.

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PEST Analysis:

TechnovateResearch.com can assist you in evaluating the Political, Economic, Social, and Technological factors affecting the success of your business. Our PEST analysis investigates the external macro-environment of your business so that you can implement strategic plans to minimize risk and maximize your success.

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PESTLE Analysis:

The PESTLE analysis is a more in-depth analysis of your company than the standard PEST analysis. PESTLE not only evaluates the Political, Economic, Social, and Technological factors affecting the success of your business, but also the Legal and Environmental factors. It is a crucial test to understanding the environment surrounding your business and managing it to your advantage.

Call TechnovateResearch.com today to find out more about how PESTLE Analysis can help your business!

Value Chain Analysis:

A Value Chain Analysis allows you to separate your business’s information into a series of value-generating activities which culminate to provide the business value of your company structure. This allows you, amongst other things, to decide what activities are best completed by your company and which would prove more profitable if out-sourced. This information allows your company to acquire the competitive edge needed to beat out your competition and land on top.

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We are experienced with writing grant proposals, freelance writing, business proposal writing, biography and memoir writing, and screenplay and manuscript writing.
We have ten years of experience researching and writing grant proposals, business proposals, business plan templates, business letters, and reports.
Our professional editing team can edit for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and overall clarity in all documents.
Our freelance writing and professional ghostwriting services include ghostwritten novels, screenplay writing, manuscript writing, memoir, biography and biography writing.
Our professional researchers and writers can provide you with reports such as SWOT analysis, quantitative marketing research, competitor intelligence, and financial analyses.
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